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Wang Chuanshan's Criticism on Zhu Xi's Theory of the Relationship between Jing and Quan and His Development of the Theory
From:Zhao Qing-wen     Date:2020-07-15    Hits:次

Abstract:Zhu Xi wasn't satisfied with Cheng Yi' theory that Quan (权) is Jing (经), and believed that there should be a distinction between Quan and Jing. Wang Chuanshan followed Cheng Yi's theoretical standpoint of unification of Jing and Quan, and opposed Zhu Xi's idea of deliberately distinguishing Jing and Quan. At the same time, Chuanshan criticized Zhu Xi's view that Jing is sparse but Quan is dense and his recognition of the Han Confucianism's view that Quan is violating Jing and conformity with the standards of Tao. Wang Chuanshan regarded the relationship between Jing and Quan as the relationship between entity and application, and highlighted the subjectivity of moral practice. He not only summarized and developed his predecessors' theory of Jing and Quan, but also his theory had certain enlightening significance.

Keyword:Wang Chuanshan; Zhuxi; Theory of Jing and Quan; Moral Practice

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