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Department of Politics and Education of Henan University was the predecessor of College of Philosophy and Public Management of Henan University. Its current name was adopted on April 9, 2002.The college has a long history of accumulation in philosophy, politics, economics, law and management. Established in 1923, the famous philosopher Feng Youlan served as the dean in the Department of Philosophy. The Department of Politics was established in 1927 and the Department of Political Education was established in 1960. Then the two departments were divided into Henan University's economics, law, businessand management disciplines. A group of well-known scholars taught at this university, such as Zhou Shouzheng, Ma Pei, Wu Zumou, Hou Heng, Mo Qi, Huang Kuiwu, and Zhang Hao, with certain academic influence in the country. More than 10000 graduates of various types have been trained, and they have made important contributions on all fronts across the country.

The college currently has 97 faculty members and 78 full-time teachers, including 43 professors and associate professors or above, 62 doctors and 4 PhD candidates. The faculty includes 4 doctoral supervisors, 5 university distinguished professors, 2 members of the University Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education, 4 academic and technical leaders of Henan Provincial Department of Education, 6 "Hundreds of Excellent Talents" of the Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department's Social Science Theory, 5 scientific and technological innovation talents in universities of Henan Province, 3 young backbone teachers of Henan Province and 1 person for "The top youth talents of The Thousand Talents Plan of Central Plains of Henan Province ". The college has the right to confer doctoral degrees in second-class subject of Marxist basic principles. Philosophy, political science and public administration are the three first-class subjects that cover 22 majors and have the right to confer master's degrees. Furthermore, Master of Public Administration (MPA) and master of Education (ideological and political direction of subject teaching) have the right to grant professional master's degrees. Philosophy, political science and public administration are the key disciplines of Henan Province, and the undergraduate majors of philosophy, public administration, labor and social security occupy a leading position in Henan Province. During the last five years, the faculty and staff of the college have been approved by National Natural Science Foundation of China and The National Social Science Fund of China for 26 projects, 42 provincial and ministerial projects, 21 provincial and ministerial third prize or higher awards for their scientific research achievements, 44 academic monographs and translated works, 3 textbooks and more than 300 papers published in Chinese core journals or above.

The undergraduate education follows the principle of solid foundation, wide caliber and heavy ability and aims to cultivate professional talents with solid theoretical knowledge and business skills for the society and those students can engage in professional work in government offices and research institutes. Many high quality graduate students work in universities, research institutes and state organs throughout the country after their graduation. The college has trained many well-known scholars such as Zhang Shuguang and Yang Guangbin, as well as former Minister of Defense Liang Guanglie and now Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Hainan Province and party Secretary Mao Wanchun, and other leaders of the party, government and military.

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